Friday, September 4, 2009

Differentiated Resources: A to Z

Tonight I have the honor of presenting to the Sandhills Reading Council. I will be sharing some of my favorite internet sites and resources. As teachers strive to meet the needs of their students, I hope these will be of some help to them. Here is my "Differentiated Resources: A to Z.

A Animoto:

B BrainBashers:

Book Wink



C: Countdown


Cubing and Think-Dots

D: Differentiation Module

E: E-learning for Kids

F : Fit Brains

G: Glossopedia

Guess My Number

Go Animate

H: Hoagies

I: Illuminations




K: Kinder By Kim


L: Learning Upgrade

M: Menus

Mandy Gregory

Math Apprentice

Math For Everyone

Visual Learning

1 comment:

Tara Foster said...

Denise, I LOVE these sites! I am using them in my 4th grade class and also during + time! Thanks for always getting us great resources.