Friday, May 28, 2010


At, educators can find a wealth of technology resources.  As I was perusing the list, I came across   There are hundreds of pictures on to choose from, and each provides a stunning 360 experience.  I clicked on New Year in Sydney and was absolutely amazed.    Next year I might try using this site with students.  I'm thinking I'll show part of the picture and have students do a "See Think Wonder." 

Friday, May 21, 2010

4 Square Brain Bender

Here are two HAL students trying to figure out this Brain Bender. Toothpicks are used to create 2 squares on top and 3 squares on the bottom. Next, moving only two toothpicks, students try to make the original 5 squares into 4 squares. Can you do it?

Journey North for Kids

Seasonal change is all around us. Children see it in the length of a day, in the appearance of a flower, in the flight of a butterfly. Journey North is a free internet-based program that explores the interrelated aspects of seasonal change. Classes can participate in projects, and by visiting the kids page, students can find engaging stories, photos, videos, and slide shows from the natural world. This great resource will build observation skills, inspire scientific thinking, and create fertile ground for discussions and new questions!